Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Orphan Alt | Vidhatri and Healing The "Enemy"

Having friends who play WoW is a good thing. The problem arises when you're like me, with many friends who play many things on many servers. When I first got my account, I was alittle beset by requests to level a toon on this realm or that realm so my buddies could help me out, give me my Standard New Character bag/gold package and other general stuff. I drifted to playing a paladin for the Horde full time, but not before I'd checked out several other options and left several alts orphaned in various locations. Occasionally, I do like to go back to them, and after leveling my main to 85, I've been finding myself checking them out more.

Meet Vidhatri. Draenei resto shaman par excellence

I've made two Draenei toons, and they both have the same hairstyle. I love me some boar's tails

She lives on the Doomhammer server, where the lovely and talented Tankthulhu resides with her paladin main. Unlike Romilly the Blood Knight, she's been very focused from level 1. After all, her people have been trying to stay a step ahead of the Burning Legion for what's certainly been her entire life.She's had to grow up quickly in intense and harrowing situations. Evidenced by my recent feat of leveling her from 8 to past 30 in a week. For me, that's a new speed record.

Vidhatri's not a Loremaster candidate. I barely quest with her at all, in fact. What I do is log on, sit in whatever capital city in which I happen to be (formerly Exodar for the scenery, now Ironforge for the music), queue a couple of random dungeons at a time, and drop totems and buff and heal and heal and heal.

I've grown to love healing. It's a little bit of a challenge without being quite as stressful as playing tank, and lets me get a good look at how 5-mans run. Standing back, I have a better vantage point as to what goes right in a group, and what goes wrong, and how to correct it in my own play style.

I'm also getting used to not having to move around like a paranoid hamster when I want to hop the train to Ironforge from Stormwind (I do this suicide run with Romilly because there are no Horde flight points on that part of the continent, but good archaeology sites) and seeing things from an Alliance-side perspective again.

Ashenvale's just so pretty when the ninja night elves aren't trying to kill you every few steps.

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