Saturday, November 5, 2011

Art: Peanuts Death Knights

Art is a big thing on RP servers. Maybe it's a big thing on non-RP servers, too, but since i transferred to Wyrmrest Accord in April, I've seen so much amazing WoW-related fanart. So. Much. People do character drawings for friends, or comission them for in-game gold and items (and sometimes a little real dollars as well). 

One of my buddies on the server does Livestream art sessions just about every Friday. Usually, she winds up doing lots of little doodles based on whatever funny things are getting bandied around in the livestream chat. I don't even know how this topic came about, but I am so delighted by it :D

This is my and Tankthulhu's Death Knight duo, Aellais and Calida, redesigned as a pair of beloved copywrited characters

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