Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day on Draenor

(With many thanks to the Flavor Text ladies, for the inspiration here)

The singed letter is preserved in the Aldor archives in Shattrath City alongside several other small written effects.

dear vindikater braam

mama said i should write you a letter so ill get better at writing and to Thank you for helping me find her and papa on the ship. Thank you because they would be sad if i was lost and also because i was verry scared. im not scared anymore though so i Hope your out helping lots of other kids now

Is being a vindikater vindicater hard? i bet you have to be reely strong and brave and you need a big hammer, too. my papa just has an old sword, but he's strong too! He builded out new house, and some of our whole new town too. i like it here, its verry pretty with lots of big fields. Mama said she even saw some other peoples here but i shouldnt worry because they didnt look like mean peoples. She said they had brown skin and big teeth. isnt that funny?

Maybe you can visit me some time but i bet your still busy helping other people. Anyway thank you for everything you do for the Drani Draenei and also to the naru  Naaru. when I grow up I want to be a vindikator vindicater vindicator just like you

(I had a hard time with spelling so I made my mama help me)

Arkanon poros!

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